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My name is Deni Andonova, holistic psychologist for New Level Self-Mastery
and I’m your Neurographica instructor.

I help business oriented women, open for holistic approach and self-awareness, to have more clarity what they want in life, have better work-life balance, understand how to manage their energy and learn useful practical tools for energy balance and creative goal setting so they can enjoy better results, develop thriving mindset and positive focus, manage their energy, boost their creativity and live their mission, achieving more with lightness, love and joy.

                                                                                                                         Deni Andonova 

                                                                                                                         Your Holistic psychologist for New Level Self-Mastery

     Leverage your life through Neurographica and aesthetic               coaching with Deni Andonova 

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How can I help you to do your SHIFT? 

In my 13+ years practice with individuals I have been working with people who strive for more joy and happiness and work-life balance, who seek their own path to sustainable physical, emotional and energy balance. I help them with my know-how, expertise, methods, techniques and holistic approach to nutrition, lifestyle habits and mindset. I typically work with individual, groups and corporate clients as well.

I am a certified corporate wellness specialist®, certified K-Power® instructor, organizational and positive psychologist, HR specialist, kinesiologist, Bush flower essences therapist, specialist and certified Instructor Neurographica® – art therapy and aesthetic coaching, a PhD Candidate in Corporate wellness. Book author of Nutrition on Cell Level and New level – a holistic guide for transformation and positive change.

I am the founder of How Thrive – positive habits and thriving mindset app and the founder of Thriving Bulgaria Foundation for mental health and prosperity on all levels, the founder and owner of Holistic Academy by Deni Andonova. A happy and proud mom of 2 amazing little girls – 5 and 2 years old.

I would be happy to assist you in your journey to more happiness, balance, well-being and wellness on all levels.

I will be happy to connect if you are looking for effective tools for:

+ Manifesting your goals and dreams

+ Stress management

+ Energy balance with kinesiology

+ Holistic well-being and wellness strategy

+ Emotional stress release

+ Emotional and energy blockages release

+ Building positive habits with ease

+ Boosting happiness and fulfillment in life

+ Finding your inner resources and potential

+ Embracing harmony, inner peace and creativity